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NH in Colombia will make inroads with Tivoli, Minor’s holiday brand

Jul , 4
NH in Colombia will make inroads with Tivoli, Minor’s holiday brand

With the purchase of Minor Internacional, the NH Hoteles chain will enter the holiday segment in Latin America. Eduardo Bosch, Managing Director America of NH Hotel Group, spoke with and confirmed the expansion of NH in Colombia with the Minor vacation brands, specifically with the Tivoli brand.

On the other hand, Bosch sees an important growth potential in the Colombian market, but for this reason it considers that there should be tax stability and legal security, in this way Colombia would grow rapidly in this sector. Likewise, was able to establish that NH Hoteles would cease operating the NH Metrotel at the end of January 2019, by decision of the board of directors. In this hotel NH would not have direct investment, it is only operator. However, Bosch assured that this information had not been confirmed and that they are still operating it. With the purchase of Minor Internacional, what will Nh have in Colombia again?

EDUARDO BOSCH: The incorporation of NH within the Minor Group means that it generates a lot of value for the Group because there is a geographical complementarity, they are very strong in Asia and the Pacific, where we do not have a presence, and we are very strong in Europe and Latin America , we also have a complementarity of very good market segments, that is we are very strong in urban, they are very strong in vacation and finally there is also a complementarity of feeder markets, where we are very good with a brand presence and recognition very strong brand, are important feeder markets for their markets, as well as their markets are important feeder markets for us. And if we also focus on Latin America, the fact that we have the most important hotel, direct, urban management platform in Latin America, the fact of the arrival of Minor opens us to the holiday world, therefore new expectations are open to be able to open vacation hotels with the Minor brands. (NH will disembark on the beaches of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil). In Colombia, with Minor will they go more towards the holiday segment?

E. B .: Currently we do not have any holiday hotel in Colombia and we are already studying projects of vacation hotels with Minor brands. .: In what areas, the Atlantic?

E. B .: There is no signed contract so I can not say where the zones are but clearly those areas where there is already a potential, where we see a market niche that is still to be exploited in Colombia that is the All Inclusive luxury. Will NH invest in the areas of less than 200 thousand inhabitants where the Government gives a tax incentive?

E. B .: Of course, there are other opportunities and other potentials that are on the table to continue growing. Having the current platform that we have, we can grow very efficiently, giving a lot of profitability to the hotels that are incorporated. Today we are the first operator in Bogotá with more than 1,200 rooms, we already have a spectacular market expertise and this the market recognizes, investors recognize it very easily in the urban and holiday, thanks to the Minor brands. What would be those Minor vacation brands that would enter Colombia?

E. B .: They fundamentally work with four brands. The Tivoli brand that is the brand with which we will develop the vacation hotels in Latin America, this would be the brand that would possibly enter Colombia, possibly because there is still nothing signed. What happened to the operation with NHMetrotel, do they leave it, as happened with the one in La Meced de Cartagena?

E. B .: With the Metrotel we are still operating the hotel But according to the information that could establish, at the end of January 2019 do they stop operating it?

E. B: Information that I have not confirmed, and if I do not have it … Specifically what projects are planned in Colombia?

E. B .: What we do believe is that in Colombia as a destination, the tourism potential is impressive, that today tourism is the new oil. And with the tax issue?

EB: I think that it is simply what the country needs to give stability, from the tax point of view and from the point of view of legal security, so that this potential materializes as soon as possible, but they are, let’s say, additional catalysts because the potential exists. Today Colombia is practically a virgin territory for tourism.