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Bogotá continues to consolidate as a tourist destination in the region

Jul , 4
Bogotá continues to consolidate as a tourist destination in the region

Bogotá begins to consolidate as a tourist destination in Latin America. According to the results of the 2018 Global Destination Cities Index conducted by Mastercard, the capital is the fourth city in the region with the highest growth as a tourist destination.

According to the results, Bogota has a growth rate of 10.6% and is located behind cities such as Valparaiso (Chile), Santiago and Cancun.

Along with this, the study showed that Colombia is one of the most frequent countries of origin for destinations such as Mexico City, occupying the second place with 14.1% of the total number of travelers visiting the city. In the same way, it is the third country that contributes the most tourism to Panama City with 16% of the total number of travelers.

“Since 2009, Mastercard has been recording these results, in order to help cities improve the international tourism experience, undoubtedly a key player in economic development,” the company said.

The study also revealed that, in the case of Punta Cana, international visitors spent a total of $ 15,237 per resident in 2017, which represented 227% of the city’s GDP. On the other hand, in Cancun, tourists spent 5,722 dollars per resident and 4,370 dollars in the Riviera Maya.

“The results show that it is essential to have solid facilities, an advanced payment infrastructure, simple and secure, a strong culture, as well as businesses and distinctive attractions to attract international tourism,” said Mastercard.

Similarly, the index also showed the preferences of international tourists for the tourist destinations of Latin America. In this, Cancún stands out, leading the list of 2017 with six million international visitors during that year and in second place is Punta Cana with 3.6 million visitors.

SOURCE: EL TIEMPO Casa Editorial