About RHT

Specific hotel consulting solutions for each property or project.

RHT is a leading hotel development, consulting and investment firm in Latin America and Caribbean. We offer real estate solutions to hotel corporations, development companies, hedge funds and private investors.




We have a deep knowledge of the hotel market, investment and feasibility, from which we maximize the return on your investments.

  • Assets overview
  • Due Diligences prior to acquisition
  • Sale & Leaseback / Sale & Managementback
  • Investment and advice on the sale
  • Differentiated knowledge of the market
  • Consultansy in Sales and Brokerage
  • Preliminary reviews of contracts
  • Elaboration of specialized vehicles
  • Market report and feasibility studies
  • Acquisition, Investment advice, Contract advise


We study the way in which operators manage hotels from a dynamic and current perspective, helping to maximize the value of the asset and optimizing returns on investments.

  •  Initial assessment of the property and its operations.
  • Permanent monitoring that includes analysis and reports of the procedures, practices and performance of the implemented strategy.
  • Pre-opening Budget Analysis, Performance optimization, Structuring advice, Asset rotation strategy, Operational review, Budget review.
  • Benchmark diagnosis.
  • Representing of the owners, examining and developing the land rental and lease negotiations.


Choosing the right hotel operator is the key to making the most of the hotel’s potential and giving to building owner the maximum benefit over its investment.

  • Search for franchise and/or operator
  • Negotiation of agreements
  • Advice on Rebranding
  • Evaluation of the characteristics of the property in market conditions
  • Definition of possible business opportunities
  • Strategic positioning for the hotel
  • Search to identify the right business model and the right operator
  • Advise of optimal terms, structuring of fees, obligations and expectations of the contract.


REGENERA HOSPITALITY TRENDS provides the services of implementation and development of a process oriented to the structuring and negotiation for the obtaining of financial resources for the real estate project, via obtaining investors and / or debt with financial entities.

  • Search for local investment funds for 4 months prior to the opening of the sales room
  • Advice and approach to investors / Teaser Presentation / Signature Confidentiality agreement / analysis and certification.
  • Launching the process, making proposals to investors / financial entities.
  • Receiving letters of interest (LOI).
  • Negotiation with investors or banks and negotiation methodology.
  • Analysis of proposals submitted by interested investors / financial institutions,
  • Closing of negotiations, adjudication, monitoring and improvement of it.


We offer our extensive knowledge in the different branches of the hotel universe: real estate, hotel investments, operations, business development and building consulting.

  • Experience and extensive knowledge in the different branches of the hotel universe: real estate, hotel investments, operations, business development and building consulting.
  • Comprehensive solutions for each client, adjusted to their needs and analyzed from all scenarios.
  • Market studies that define the business model that best fits the individual characteristics and objectives of each client.
  • Technical Project Audit, Capital Investment Estimates, Amount Surveys,
    Studies of Architectural Feasibility, Interior Design and Project Management.
  • Structuring budgets of FF FF&E & OS&.
  • Structuring of works budgets and hotel reforms.

Real Estate Appraisals

Our appraisals are governed by the standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The information is presented in accordance with the International Accounting Standards.

  • Qualified experts for the evaluation of individual properties and hotel portfolios.
  • Advise in transactions of sale, financing, internal audit and strategic planning to operating clients, lenders and investors.
  • Masters plans in selection of land and analysis of better and greater use.
  • Support in creative design and definition of terms.


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